Fine Art Photography | Water Metamorphoses

Abstract Nature – Images by Uwe Larsen

Photographic aspects of Water Metamorphoses

All photographs were taken on small stretches of water in the nature without changing the natural conditions. Frost patterns of window frost, so called “ice-flowers”, were discovered on single-pane windows.

Analogue cameras with slide films as well as digital cameras were used. Technical details:
Long- time exposure using a tripod at ISO 25 – 100, aperture 11 – 22 with lenses 105 mm macro and 50 mm. Neither filters nor artificial light were used.

There was no manipulation of the images. When editing the slide-scans and the digital images the focus was to reproduce the colours as natural as possible and to match them to the original transparencies. This was professionally manufactured by:

The magical blue which one can find in ice patterns is created under specific conditions dependent on the amount of oxygen in the ice as a result of physical phenomena like the dispersion of light and the absorption of most of the light-frequencies/colours of the spectrum but the blue.

The original size in the nature of most of the images was between a postcard and a sheet of writing paper.