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The incredible water cycle on earth is well explained under:
USGS Water Science School Summary of the Water Cycle

The fascinating world of snowflakes is represented in the following outstanding books:
“Snow Crystals” by W.A. Bentley and W.J. Humphreys, McGraw-Hill Book Company 1931
“ Ken Libbrecht’s Field Guide to Snowflakes”, Voyageur Press 2006
“ The Snowflake-Winter’s Secret Beauty” by Kenneth Libbrecht and Patricia Rasmussen, Voyageur Press 2003
Masaru Emoto published several volumes of a work entitled „Messages from Water“ which contain photographs of ice crystals,
Emoto Water

For those who are interested in scientific insight of ice structures, patterns and processes here is a link to an excellent article which was published in the journal “Review of Modern Physics” on 24. May 2012 by the American Physical Society:
In terms of a power point presentation of complex ice-matters I can recommend:
Technische Universität Dresden Institut für Kern- und Teilchenphysik: Physik des Eises.
Das Eis-IKTP

Another interesting links are:
  1. Guide to Frost
  2. Wikipedia under “Ice”:
  3. Ice phases
  4. Laws of Self-Organization and Complexity
  5. Wikipedia: Self-Organization
  6. 1983 Strukturbildung Selbstorganisation… (FU.Berlin)
  7. sci.nonlinear.faq
  8. Modeling Snow Crystal Growth

A comprehensive book on ice is: “Physics of Ice” by Petrenko & Whitworth, Oxford.
A standard book explaining the chaos-theory is: “Chaos- Making a New Science” by James Gleick 1987.
Titel of the German version is “Chaos – die Ordnung des Universums: Vorstoss in Grenzbereiche der modernen Physik“ (Droemer Knaur 1988).
Basic research on structures and patterns in nature in: Alan Turing, „The chemical basis of morphogenesis” R. Soc. London 1952.
Nature’s design is well explained and illustrated with excellent photographs in : „By Nature’s Design“ by Pat Murphy and William Neill, Chronicle Books 1993.

I may add though that the interesting and to some degree fascinating findings in those scientific publications are only one side of the “water-medal”: The other side of the “water-medal” shows just a large question mark and some words like harmony, beauty,
variety, perfection… in a mysterious ambient.
In this sense my photographs of the water metamorphoses are a “publication” of this side of the “water-medal”. The images show water metamorphoses/ice in addition to the scientific approach from a different, a spiritual point of view: The metamorphosis with all its beauty, incredible variety and imaginative language will remain the same mystery as the whole creation.